Heisenberg’s Haberdashery shirts on sale @ Alphabet Apparel!


Super excited to announce that my good pal Chris over at Alphabet Apparel is printing my “Heisenberg’s Haberdashery” illustration for all your t-shirt wearing needs. They’re doing it up right on super soft American Apparel shirts in Teal or Heather Grey, and have tons of sizes available for both men & women. Head on over to Alphabet’s Etsy Store to order yours today!


AND, I’ve got a few left-overs from my very limited run of shirts (also printed by Chris of Alphabet) – this 1st edition run was available in American Apparel Teal, Sunshine & White. I have very limited size/color combos left, but if you’re interested in purchasing one of these babies, just CONTACT ME – I can let you know all the details on price/shipping, etc.


Merry Christmas!


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“Heisenberg’s Haberdashery” or “What Mr. White Wears”

Enjoy this free Walterpaper for you HeiPadsenberg!

Enjoy this free Walterpaper for you HeiPadsenberg!

AMC’s Breaking Bad has long been one of my favorite shows. I started watching this show while the 2nd season was airing and got hooked fast! Besides the brilliant writing, acting, direction, and production of this series, I LOVE the dark twisted humor that gets injected into the scripts, as well as the actor’s ability to keep it “light” off-set too. This clip from Steven Michael Quezada’s talk show The After After Party which featured Bryan Cranston “transforming” into his character Walter White is just hilarious.

Inspired by this idea of transformation (a major theme in the show), I made this original illustration of the infamous Heisenberg costume elements. I absolutely love the way creator Vince Gilligan and Bryan Cranston established the lead character’s alias with the simplest of elements: essentially, that awesome black pork pie hat! Of course, the sunglasses are an important element too, but I actually prefer Walt’s “Dad” glasses in this getup because it reminds us of his “other” side—the one that we hope is still somewhere inside this tortured anti-hero. The humanity of Walt is his real conflict, and that which we can so easily relate to. How a struggling high school teacher with a second job who desperately tries to provide for his family ends up with a fatal diagnosis, then the road he chooses, for whatever reasons, takes us down a truly hellish path that he/we cannot escape.

Along with all the many, many devoted Breaking Bad fans out there, I am anxiously awaiting (& dreading) the final episode this Sunday. What an amazing ride this has been! I think I’m quite certain in saying that there will never be anything like it on TV again. To celebrate the final episode of this amazing series I made this illustration which you can download for free as a Wallpaper for your iPad, iPhone 4 & 5 (just remember to bury it in the desert when you’re done… Hank may be tracking you!). I may also create a limited run poster or t-shirt of this too, so contact me if you’re interested in one. Enjoy, and here’s hoping we survive this final episode!

Free Walterpapers in “Hazmat Suit” Yellow & “That Blue Stuff” Blue:

(Click on the images below to download for your device)

For iPhone 5:

WW-Blue-iPhone5  WW-Yellow-iPhone5

For iPhone 4:

WW-Yellow-iPhone4  WW-Blue-iPhone4

For iPad:

WW-Blue-iPad  WW-Yellow-iPad

UPDATE! (10.7.13): T-shirts now available! Check out this post for more info on pre-ordering from the new limited edition run of shirts I’m making (American Apparel shirts in Teal, Sunshine & White). AND, Posters, iPhone cases & even more T-Shirt options (either black or white ink on your choice of shirt color) are all available now via my Redbubble profile. Thanks & enjoy!

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Mink Hollow Ghostwriting EP now available

"Houses" portrait

“Houses” portrait (left to right): Brandon, Brendan, Austin, Justin, & Nick (me)

For over a year now, I’ve had the pleasure of writing and playing music with a team of incredibly talented and creative musicians: Austin Stahl, Brandon Gilbertson, Brendan Foster, and Justin Josell. We have titled our outfit MINK HOLLOW (after a street by which Austin, Brandon & I all grew up near), and we’ve produced a new recording of 5 rock & roll songs using state of the art computer technology! The name of this recording, or “EP,” is Ghostwriting. From the wonder of the internet, you can stream this album for free, or name your own price to download it at: followminkhollow.com. Also, LIKE our page on Facebook & we’ll keep you up-to-date with plenty of interesting musical tid-bits, and maybe some photos of our cats.

Enjoy too these fun insta-panorama portraits that I took of the band using my trusty Fuji Instax camera (like a Polaroid except the film is cheaper than Impossible & a little wider). AND, we’re playing a show @ the end of this month—it’ll be our official Ghostwriting EP release, so we hope you can make it out! Details below or reply on the Facebook event page!

Doors at 8pm, music at 9pm. $8 @ The WindUp Space: 12 W. North Ave, Baltimore: Map

Hope to see you there!

Mink Hollow in the place where we began

Mammoth insta-panoramic in the place where we started: Austin’s former-basement.


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